Mechanical benefits:


       Automatic precision weighing of each raw material directly into the mixing vessel or a small weigh hopper.

       Industry proven supreme quality mixing equipment utilizing patented blade technology and innovative design.

       Precision mixtures repeatable in both content and blend.

       Automatic raw material adds result in cleaner work area and less waste and additional operator safety.

       Mix vessel atmosphere can be controlled to reduce odor and emissions into work area.

       Batch temperature can be controlled if so desired.

       Speed of Mixer and Time of Mix become part of the automatic process.

       Correction adds, if required, are much easier

       Shar has over 43 years experience in mixing and batching.


Statistical Process Control benefits:


       The exact quantity of each raw material put into the batch is documented both on a printed batch ticket and then

       to computer memory. Information can easily be imported into a Windows database or Excel via ethernet.

       Inventory data history is easily determined by monitoring system memory reports.

       Formula additions and corrections are always documented to provide quality control and improvement data.


Labor saving benefits:


       The operator is no longer responsible for raw material adds or mixer operation.

       The operator does not have to continuously monitor the machine or control mix speeds or times.

       One operator can now run multiple mixers.

       Operators are no longer handling raw materials, reducing the risk of injuries, contamination and spills.

       All of these improvements give the operator an opportunity to increase production by performing other duties..


Aesthetic benefits:


       Equipment is installed in a professional manner using state of the art products and controls.

       Manufacturing area is cleaner and raw materials are not stacked in the vicinity of production equipment.

       Customers and potential customers can tour production areas that were previously too congested or hazardous.


Your mixing area will Look and Be  State of the art




  1. Inputs of up to 32 Scales. Some can be raw material scales.
  2. Ability to add Small Add and Large Add Ingredients at the same time
  3. Control of Mixer Speeds.
  4. Control of Mix Times.
  5. Capacity of (1000 x 20 line)   Formulas
  6. Up to 200 different Raw Materials with a tolerance setting for each material. This includes automatic and hand adds for both liquid and dry materials.
  7. Fully Automatic or Manual control of all Functions. To make a manual add the operator selects the material with a rotary dial, enters the desired pounds, and presses the Start button.
  8. PC software to easily write formulas and download them to the controller via ethernet.
  9. Printout of batch ticket that records all batch information including:
    1. time, date and actual quantity of each material addition including manual adds.
    2. required and actual quantities of each material
    3. Operator ID
    4. total batch weight
    5. any other desired information
  10. Download of all batch information to PC Spreadsheet or Database to allow for tracking of actual Raw Material used via Ethernet connection to company network.
  11. Programable Controller screen to show virtually any information in any format.
  12. Simple operation of system. Operator selects the <Formula Select> screen, types in the formula number, presses <Enter> and presses the <Start> button.
  13. Password protection of all functions is available.
  14. The operator can choose to modify the batch size by entering a different percent ie: 50 to make a one-half batch. All material quantities are automatically recalculated.
  15. A <Stop Batch> button will freeze the batch indefinitely until the <Start> button is pushed.
  16. If a malfunction causes a <Out of Tolerance>, the system will stop and wait for the operator to accept the error or abort the batch. In the case of an aborted batch, a temporary formula can be written and down loaded, or the remainder of the materials can be added by hand.
  17. When the formula encounters a material that is not added automatically, the system alerts the operator that it is time to make a <Hand Add>. The system displays the name of the material and the required weight. The actual weight of the material put in is then recorded.
  18. The system is putting out Real Time data so anyone on the network can see materials as they are being added.
  19. The system includes custom design for each customer, all programming, all software and installation, testing and training at the customers plant.




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